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An SEO hreflang customizer is a plugin that helps website owners improve their SEO performance in different countries or regions by customizing hreflang tags for their website. The hreflang attribute is used in HTML to specify the language and geographical targeting of a webpage, ensuring that search engines can serve the correct version of the webpage to users in different regions.

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Optimize Your Website's Language and Geographic Targeting with Customizable Hreflang Tags

Customizable Hreflang Tags

The plugin enables you to create customized hreflang tags for each of your website's pages, posts, or custom post types. You can specify the language, country, and region for each page to ensure that it targets the right audience.

Multilingual Support

The plugin is fully compatible with WordPress' built-in multilingual functionality and can handle multiple languages on your site. It can detect the user's language preference and serve the appropriate content, and also allows you to specify different language versions for each page.

SEO Optimization

The hreflang customizer plugin is designed to help you improve your website's SEO by making it easier for search engines to understand the language and geographic targeting of your content. It can help you avoid duplicate content issues and ensure that your site ranks well in international search results.

Improved User Experience

By serving the right language and content to your website visitors based on their location and language preferences, the hreflang customizer plugin can help improve their overall user experience.

Easy Configuration

The plugin is easy to set up and use, with a simple user interface that allows you to configure the hreflang tags for your site quickly.

Flexible Integration

The plugin is compatible with WPML, Translatepress, Polylang, weglot.

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What are hreflang tag attributes?

The hreflang attribute (also referred to as rel="alternate" hreflang="x") tells Google which language you are using on a specific page, so the search engine can serve that result to users searching in that language.

Hreflang (HTML hreflang attribute) is a tag used in HTML markup to communicate to search engines which language versions (or variants) of a webpage to serve to users, based on their language preferences and geographic location. The hreflang tag is used to indicate the language and optionally the regional targeting of a webpage so that search engines can serve the correct version of the page to users.

This is particularly important for websites that serve content in multiple languages, as it helps to avoid confusing search engines and users with duplicate or irrelevant content. The hreflang tag can be added to the HTML head section of a webpage and can be used for both individual pages and entire sections of a website.

Simple to get started, simple to use

How much easier would your job be, if the WordPress hreflang customizer was well-supported, tested, and developed with both the developer and the end user in mind?


It's really simple to install and no compatibility issues with other plugins or themes.


Once installed, select your language tag for specific regions.


You can easily generate slugs for multiple regions for multiple languages.

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This plugin only work with WPML, Translatepress, Polylang and weglot.


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Here are some additional frequently asked questions about Hraflang Customizer WordPress Plugin:

Your web server must run WordPress version 4.0 or greater and have at least PHP 5.2 installed. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of PHP for the best performance.

Hreflang Manager is designed to work with any WordPress translation plugin such as WPML, TranslatePress, Polylang and Weglot. This makes it easy for you to generate hreflang tags into any language.

An SEO hreflang customizer is a plugin that helps website owners improve your SEO performance in different countries or regions by customizing hreflang tags for your website.

Yes, Hraflang Customizer is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for users with little to no coding experience.

No, you do not need to know how to code to use Hraflang Customizer. The plugin is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to customize their site without any coding knowledge.

Hraflang Customizer offers both a free and paid version. The free version includes basic customization options only for two languages generate hreflang tag, while the paid version offer unlimited hreflang tags.

Yes, Hraflang Customizer can be used on multiple sites, but a separate license is required for each site.

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